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Best in Specialty show under Judge Gail Karamalegos
Fort Worth, TX -  March 2019

Best in Specialty show under Judge Vicki Sandage DVM
Wichita, KS - April 2019

Above photos were taken at 2017 ASCA Nationals.  Rourke was a couple months shy of 2 years old.

Rourke had a wonderful USASA Nationals.  He won the 15 to 18 sweeps class and went Best In Sweeps.
Although still a puppy, he managed a 4th place in the hard Bred By class.

From Rourke's 1st ASCA show in mid Feb. until May 6th, he not only finished his Championship but managed
to rank in the top  20  qualifying for finals.  Very proud of this sweet boy.

Rourke finished his ASCA Championship his first week-end out in College Station Feb.10 -12th
Show 1:  Best Opp Sex for a major win under Anne Shope     Show 2:  Best of Breed under Erin Swain for another major
Show 3:  RWD under Annette Cyboron                                     Show 4:  Winners Dog under Debra Gower for his 3rd Major

Show 5:  Best of Winners under Sheila Hall for a 5 point major and his Championship


Thank you to all the judges who awarded Rourke points.

Rourke's  photo for "2017 Conformations Finals"

Rourke is standing at stud to approved bitches.  
He has produced some very nice dogs who are just hitting the rings.
He is passing on good substance, clean movement and nice open side gait.

DOB:  12-23-2015, Full Dentition,  Scissors Bite,  Hips Excellent,  Elbows Normal
per Pawprints full panel, Rourke is clear of everything.  Approx. 22 inches and 60 lbs.

A few of Rourkes kids